IBM Smarter Planet Solution

Being a pioneer in smart technology, here we can share IBM Smarter Planet Initiative towards the sustainable future.


Hollywood or Future World? answer depends on us……

‘Our Future is in Our Hands’, as we believe in this statement, it certainly depends on us if we wanna create the Hollywood sci-fi movie fantasies in reality or not. But certainly it reminds me of 50 years ago, when our previous generation would be thinking laptop, internet, ipod, all other technologies as sci-fi fantasies. But, we made it possible. Lets dream the future and start thinking of making it reality. Lets enjoy this video to get inspiration from Hollywood movies towards dreaming a Future World………..

Future Buildings or Future Cities???

Here are some of the hypothetical and practical examples of future buildings which are beyond the conventional perception of building scale. These are rather vertical city concepts and our contemporary ideas about spatial analysis need to drive towards the emerging trend of near future. Are we ready for this Future Cities? We cant delay any further and we should expand our horizon towards the spatial complexity of vertical cities.

Future Technologies : Be ready for it……………..

This video illustrates different technological advancements and the future of technologies. There plenty of other inventions which is not illustrated in this video but will be available shortly. This indicates a very important message that with integration of different inventions from a broad spectrum of knowledge can lead us towards something big idea for the future of mankind. We will keep searching for the big idea one after another. The inventions are new until it is invented. Then it becomes old and we have to look for another new idea and it’s an ever evolving process with an never ending journey and we all play a part in it. Enjoy the journey to the future.

Future Building Technology of Smart Building towards Future Intelligent City

What i was thinking for few years and i am pleased to see that industry are responding towards it. Now, we have to be prepared for this sort of technology to adopt. This technology will eventually lead in the future development of city pattern and there are more to be thought off. Its very close to my research endeavour. Sustainability and security is very much thought off in this diagram but there are still components towards intelligent city network, few other following post can develop such idea in different aspect. keep watching.